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GARIBALDI, Katie - Follow your heart
/ Published on 11-10-2014 /

For ten years, Katie Garibaldi has a reputation in the folk community and country in the region of San Francisco. Her way of live concerts, where she developed a close relationship with her audience, has earned the formation of a core of dedicated fans. Her melodious and sweet song in the tradition of the great ladies of folk and Americana, the Carole King, Emmilou Harris and other Joni Mitchell, encouraging referrals. After the albums "Fireflies" (2004), "Fallen Angel" (2006) and "Next Ride Out" (2009), Katie Garibaldi returns with her new album "Follow Your Heart". On this cover, as on all the covers of her albums, it appears with her guitar in hand. Here is a beautiful white guitar specially designed for her by the Breedlove home. The guitar is an important companion to Katie Garibaldi, who entrusted her with the texts and melodies of her songs. Those who do not yet know and can see her slender natural style on the new album "Follow Your Heart", a collection of thirteen new songs patiently developed in Tiny Telephone Recording Studios John Vanderslice in San Francisco, under the engineer Ian Pellicci. Katie Garibaldi is surrounded by Kevin Blair (bass) and Todd Richardson (drums), along with a few guests, including Michelle Kwon (cello) and Philip Brezina (violin). We also find Max Butler (mandolin and ukulele), Sylvain Carton (flute, clarinet and saxophone), Henry Hung (trumpet and trombone), Matt Blackett (guitar) and Shawn Schaffer (harmonica). It is thus noted that the many players will bring a lot of variety and subtlety in rich compositions Katie Garibaldi. Fine Katie and her musicians develop here an album gently but also very solid in her moods and well structured in its structure, alternating some gravity ( "Wedding Day Song", the strong "Whispers & Rumors", hitting "White Roses" ) and romantic lyricism ( "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" ). Some a little more rhythmic tracks (the country squarely "Make Them Go Away""Lock The Door, Lose The Key""You Saved The Best For Last" ) are given a little movement in these delightful clouds of sweet sounds. Here, we are in a folk rock / Americana classic well but when things are done well, the weight of tradition becomes an asset.

Fran├žois Becquart
Country: US 
Living Dream Music 
Released: 2014/07/15