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Interview with Songsalive!

1: Where are you from, originally and what brought you to San Francisco?

The San Francisco Bay Area is home for me--born and raised!

2. What style of music would you say you do?

Americana with my own style of country flavored pop.

3. What do you enjoy best - songwriting or performing and why?

I enjoy both songwriting and performing, and I can't really compare the two because they are different experiences for me. Songwriting is a very personal, emotional, and cathartic experience for me. Performing is a fun and adrenaline-high experience that's all about connecting with other people and sharing my music with them. I love both for different reasons.

4. Who are your musical influences?

Beatles, Huey Lewis, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Jonny Lang, Patty Griffin, and many other country songwriters (and more!)

5. Describe your favorite song you have written and why is it so special to you:

I don't have any one favorite song that I've written because every song is like a snapshot of my life and what I was feeling at that time, so each one tells a different story. Although, I wrote a particularly special song called "Wedding Day Song" and performed it for my husband at our wedding this past summer, so that one will always be close to my heart.

6. What are your goals for the next 5 years musically speaking?

My main goal is just to keep working hard and keep doing what I’m doing.  When I put time, hard work, and passion into my career, each year that has gone by has offered more and more opportunities to me as an artist.  In the years coming I’ll be working on new music, new recordings, new concerts, and more touring.  I have toured a lot on the West Coast and in Nashville, but in the next year/two years I will expand into more East Coast touring as well.

7. Tell us about your recordings and what's in store next for you:

In my career so far I have recorded six full-length albums, a few EPs, and released some singles as well. Next in store is recording my next album, set for a 2013 release!

8. Where can we buy your music?

My website, www.katiegaribaldi.com, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, a variety of independent music stores and other online stores.

9. What are your views about where the music industry is heading in your community, or on a global level?

As far as in my community, there are still good places to play and the people who come out to shows in San Francisco and the Bay Area are amazing supporters of live music. So I take pride in the fact that I’m working to make my dream a reality as an indie artist without the complications of a major label, and pride in the fans out here who support indie music and live music venues.  I would say Nashville takes the cake for live music supporters as people are always going out to see shows there, and they genuinely listen to the artists and appreciate their performances.  At the same time, in general on a global level, I think a lot of people still have the mindset of enjoying live music without the need to pay for it, or the venues thinking it's normal to book artists without paying them.  If more people go to shows and support the artists and the venues, I think this mindset will shift and the community will value and compensate music artists more fairly for their work.

10. Anything pertinent you'd like to say about Songsalive!

It’s wonderful that organizations like Songsalive! are available to artists on all levels and it’s given me numerous opportunities over the past few years to gain exposure for my music.

Mary Lemanski