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The term “Americana” is very much wide open when it comes to the definition.  You can be a little bit Country, a little bit Rock & Roll, and throw in everything from Blues to Gospel to Jazz.  California native Katie Garibaldi sprinkles all those diverse genres into her music, and comes up with something quite satisfying to the musical ear.  

She starts off with the rather appealing “Say The Word,” which brings to mind what a cross between Norah Jones and Taylor Swift just might sound like.  That’s the first----but not the last---of winners on this album.  Other standouts include the folk-sounding “Hey, Hey Darlin,” as well as the mainstream sounding “ A Love Without Chains,” which I could see very quickly becoming a crossover hit at some point.  

Maybe the best example here of Garibaldi’s talent comes on the showcase “Without Trying So Hard.” It, out of all the songs on the disc, seems to be the perfect blending of artist, production, and song.  It’s definitely one that is worth keeping an eye on, as is Garibaldi.  I will tell you that Katie isn’t one of those flavors for everybody----meaning she isn’t just vanilla.  But, there’s a lot of nice sounds here that deserve to heard!

For more about Katie or to buy this CD, visit http://www.katiegaribaldi.com

Chuck Dauphin