News Article

Artist: Katie Garibaldi
Title: Next Ride Out
Website: http://www.katiegaribaldi.com
Style: Folk/ Pop/ Country
Label: Living Dream Music
Rating: 8.3 out of 10
By C.W. Ross

Even though she’s only 25 this is Katie Garibaldi’s sixth full-length release, plus it’s on her own label, Living Dream Music. Both feats are pretty remarkable for someone to have achieved at such a young age in their life.

What you’ll get on Next Ride Out is a collection of ten songs, five new ones along with five previously recorded songs that her press material says, ‘are smacked up with fresh arrangements and performances.’

Next Ride Out was produced by Michael Molenda, who besides being a noted producer and engineer, is also the editor-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine.

Katie’s music is a mixture of folk, pop, roots rock and country for the most part. The songs found on Next Ride Out deal with love, relationships and the pain that sometimes accompanies this emotion.

As I listened to the songs found on Next Ride Out I could tell that Katie Garibaldi had the perfect vocal style for the music that she sings. I could also hear that she has a very nice vocal range that can really be heard on the releases last song, “Falling for You,” where she nails each high note effortlessly.

The highlight tracks on this release for me are, “Nothing Good Lasts,” an up tempo, folk-rock/country/Americana sounding track that talks about fooling yourself into thinking that a broken relationship is still working.

My favorite track of all was, “Went Too Far (Foot in My Mouth).” This song has a very catchy arrangement that features both very interesting guitar parts and really sharp-edged drum beats.

While listening to Katie Garibaldi’s music names like, Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Faith Hill, Lisa Loeb, and Patty Griffin came to mind.

With her latest release, Next Ride Out, Katie Garibaldi proves that she’s both a wise business person and very talented artist that’s going to be around the music scene for a long time.

C.W. Ross