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Edgy and sweet is Katie’s story.

Rockin’ Americana, Folky and groovy songs, carried with an angelic voice, delivered by the sumptuous Katie Garibaldi, in her 6th release “Next Ride Out” – this is a CD to be heard!

It starts with the tasteful, yet quirky Folk/Americana song Say The Word, that sets the scene for this journey of an album. The guitars and Katie’s voice really shine in this song and as a young performer (only 25) with such a plethora of recording releases to her name already, she implores her listener, “I’m far from perfect / do you think that I’m perfect / Say the word..”. She invites us immediately into her world and we are already hooked to adventure with her. “I like to travel the world with my guitar strap on my back…”, a symbol of her album concept in general – for the music and the concept is about Katie, this shining young artist, ready to go on the road and deliver her songs to the world. Say The Word is surely a radio friendly song.

Second track, Hey, Hey Darlin’ sets the pace for this album as it rises up a notch to a huckabilly style country shuffle, effectively showing off Katie’s strong band (Dave Lockhart on bass, Jake Wood on Drums, Michael Molenda on Guitars (also producer of the album), Michael Gallant on piano and organs, and Tom Luekens on viola and violin, plus organs.

By the third track, A Love Without Chains we’re brought down and into a groovalicious journey, Mississippi style, with a dynamic full band and the nice touch of the female backing vocals. It speaks of a young girl’s yearning for love, and to get it right. This song is equally a radio friendly track. “Can’t Give Anymore”, track 4. I love the hook, and the edginess of the guitar. It’s like a dichotomy of edge and angel, with Katie’s voice so angelic against the quirkiness of the music.

Certainly my favorite song on the album is Without Trying So Hard, because Katie sings to me as if I’m the only person in the room. The production is softer and we really get to see the range of Katie’s gorgeous voice. She sings of love, yet even though we know she is young, it seems so mature, like she has felt the depths of the blues with love. “If I reach deep down in my soul / could I find the grace to forgive / Could I find a way without trying so hard… disappointments they broke me down / and broke me in / but expectations just make me want to rise up and work it out again / must look like a shadow of the woman I used to be / and if you’ve ever been in love chances are you’d sympathize with what’s left of me”

Another single choice is You’ve Already Got Me which is full of rock, vigour and edge, yet again juxtaposed with Katie’s lovely and sweet vocals. It’s this dichotomy of “edgy and sweet” that certainly will create Katie’s signature sound for fans to remember her

But the best song of all, on this album, is Went Too Far (Foot In My Mouth). It is the most quirky of all her songs, and the most unique in production and lyric. This is the song that I feel, if she pushed it, could set her sights on the greater playing level, because it’s left of center and very interesting.

Her voice is almost like Sarah McLaughlin, and a touch of Feist, on a bed of edgy rockin’ grooves, country feels and memorable melodies. Next Ride Out is a strong album that combines the classic Country and Americana sounds, with contemporary rock edginess that lifts you high, and a folk quietness that calms the soul with Katie’s voice. This album is certainly playing with lots of styles but it all works, because all the songs tell a story: Katie’s story. Get it at www.katiegaribaldi.com

Gilli Moon