A U.K. "Delightful" Premiere at Cardiff Mini Film Festival!

In case you missed the news in June's newsletter, "Delightful" is an official selection of the 2017 Cardiff Mini Film Festival and will be screening tomorrow, June 23rd on opening day! More info and tickets at cardiffminifilmfestival.co.uk.

Best Music Video for "Delightful" in INFLUX Magazine Film Awards!

"Delightful" (performed by Katie Garibaldi; directed by Anna Haas) won Best Music Video in the 2017 INFLUX Magazine Film Awards Season 10, INFLUXPalooza! For the full list of winning films, click here. And stay tuned for an upcoming article from INFLUX Mag on the winners, including "Delightful"!

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Bronze Medal for "Delightful" in Global Music Awards!

Katie Garibaldi's music video "Delightful" has won the bronze medal in the Global Music Awards! Click here for the full list of honorees.

"Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" Nominated in Hollywood Songwriting Contest!

Katie Garibaldi's original song "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" received an official nomination in the holiday competition for the 2016 Hollywood Songwriting Contest! See the full list of nominees and winners here. Watch the "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" lyric video here!

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Accolade Global Film Competition Gives 'Delightful' Award Of Merit!

"Delightful" has won the Music Video Award Of Merit in the June 2017 Accolade Global Film Competition! View the full list of winners here!

In case u missed it in my June newsletter, #Delightful is a selection & #screening @ the #cardiffminifilmfestival!… https://t.co/W0qWPYqb1a
RT @cardiffminifilm: Come and visit the festival this weekend, there's a lot to see! https://t.co/tj0IBzCOtV
In case you missed the news in my newsletter this month, "Delightful" is an official selection… https://t.co/VabRU54dIp
RT @SOCMusic: Check out Katie Garibaldi's "Tomorrow Is Christmas Morning" - https://t.co/UelVWGlj5B